Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Better Bitter Greens

I am not a fan of bitter lettuces. At all. But I've been trying my best to eat them because they're really good for you.  After almost a week of traveling here and there for family things I landed back home, weary from the hectic days of travel. So I found some suitable leftovers, and made a plate of said greens. Then I added some sliced red onions, carrots and the magic ingredient that changed my view of these dark and bitter greens forever : parmesan cheese! Just a sliiiight sprinkle was enough to cut the bitterness in the greens, and my bitterness towards them. So much that I could (and did) eat two plates full on any given day.

Do any of you have the same problem adjusting to new, healthier foods? What are some foods that are acquired tastes for you, and how did you learn to love them?


MiraGirl said...

I'm such a picky eater that I've had to gain an acquired taste for quite a few foods. As I grow older, I'm trying to become much more health consious; so I'm trying new things. I've found that as I change my attitude towards different foods, I'm able to enjoy them more. When I got married, my husband introduced me to pesto. I was so scared to try it..(crazy, I know), but now it's on heavy rotation in my kitchen. I cook pesto pasta dishes often. However, I would like more recipes. So, can you offer a healthy pesto recipe for the fall?

The Sukkar Chef said...

I will do that! Pesto is not one of my favorite things but it does contain some healthy stuff like pine nuts, basil and olive oil. That's something that I need to learn to like, so absolutely!