Soo-kar? Sue-car? Sukkar!

I started this blog to document my adventures in the kitchen.  A way to share what I learn with the world, one recipe, one mishap, and one success at a time.  I chose the name "Sukkar Chef" from the Arabic sukkar meaning "sweet", because I love to bake :)

There are many factors that affect my cooking and baking that I know affect many others as well.  I try to eat as healthy as possible, I don't eat pork or products containing pork, I cook on a budget and a tight schedule, and I live with two men who are constantly looking for something new at dinnertime.  My husband and my son are my two biggest cheerleaders and critics, and I know that many of you face this same tough crowd.  Come with me on my journey, and I can promise you that if nothing else, it will be sweet.