Saturday, October 2, 2010

What I'm Eating

I'm up at 6 am on a Saturday folks, aren't I a busy bee? This is all thanks to my wonderful husband who reminded me that hard work doesn't sleep,even on crisp fall mornings when the temperature is just right when you are under the sheet but only halfway under the comforter.  So I got up after morning prayer, Fajr, and picked up where I left off last night on my research on organic and natural foods in restaurants.  (For those of you who don't know, I'm a senior at East Carolina University in the Hospitality Management program.)  I hard boiled two eggs, sprinkled them with cracked black pepper and about 17 grains of kosher salt and added some whole wheat toast with Smart Balance and half a banana.  That was until someone who's name rhymes with Rasheed gave me that "I should have taken her up on that boiled egg offer" look and I ended up forfeiting half of my egg and banana.  Two cups of coffee later and here I am, distracting myself from my research with my blog.  But there's a full day of house cleaning, laundry and baking ahead so I'll come back later with how that all goes.


ncwolf said...

Gordon told you "Money never sleeps"

The Sukkar Chef said...

you should change that phrase to "MOMMY never sleeps"

MiraGirl said...

i hate hard boiled egss, but this looks yummy!