Saturday, May 29, 2010


I am completely engulfed in this cake thing right now! I spent my entire Friday night doing one of two things.

1. Making MORE fondant animals for E's bday cake
2. Browsing other blogs for recipes and ideas.
Check out these sites if you're interested in some cool cake and cupcake tutorials. and

What a cake geek! :/ But as a result I am making a vow to try a new cake/cupcake/dessert recipe every week, whether my diet likes it or not. Now, this pledge is in writing. Hold me to it friends. Here goes....first up is cake balls/cake pops right after I try new recipes for E's cake, then oreo truffles!

I will be doing some reconstructive plastic surgery on my zebra since I single-handedly smashed his head trying to adorn him with chocolate buttercream stripes. RIP zebra head. But I did manage to add a lion and an alligator to the bunch so this "Fondant Fun Filled Friday" wasn't a total loss after all. Good night friends!

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