Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Welcome To: The Sukkar Chef.

Everyone who knows me knows that I am in love (love ♥!) with all things hospitality. But as a Muslim I'm all Halal, all the time so being creative with food and their alternative counterparts is my lifestyle. Can't find marshmallows without gelatin, or don't want to pay $5 a bag for Halal ones? Let's make some. Tired of spending perfectly good cash on perfectly ordinary take out? Let's go crazy and make a little international cuisine at home! Whether you like it pork free, low fat, natural, organic, Kosher or anywhere in between, I'll have something to share with you soon. Whether you're planning a birthday bash, baby shower, or just a quiet dinner party, I'm your go-to-girl. I'll share all of my juicy little tidbits of culinary and entertaining expertise with you, and you can share it right back with me, the Sukkar Chef.

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Southernsmokecaterer said...

The turkey burgers are always great it just hard to move away from the mad cow :)