Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I'm Eating

Breakfast is Kashi Cinnamon Harvest, 1% millk, and coffee. Since I've been out of town there is no fruit around. What are you having to start your day today?


MiraGirl said...

I'm horrible at actually eating breakfast, but I'm trying to do better. Lately, I've been eating breakfast sandwiches. Typically, I'll scramble egg white and add a healthy portion of spinach, cook two pieces of turkey bacon, and eat it all on the 100 calorie mini sandwich bun. I LOVE those 100 calorie whole wheat whole grain buns. I find that the honey wheat kind is delish!

The Sukkar Chef said...

Those sandwich thins are great, especially since I found them at the Dollar Tree! They also stay fresh for a really, really long time.