Monday, October 11, 2010

Ranch Makeover: Fat Free Ranch Dip and Dressing

After the easy oven fries recipe post, I had a request for a creamy ranch dip and dressing to eat with them.  This is a little tip, it can hardly be classified as a recipe.  So listen up: Get a Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning packet and a 16 oz. container of fat free sour cream. Mix. Eat.

Yes, that's really it.  It will have the same consistency as sour cream so if you want to use it as a dressing thin it out with a little water.  All the ranch flavor, none of the ranch dressing fat and calories.  A tub of sour cream is about $1.00 and seasoning packet is about $1.27, so for a little over two dollars you have dressing, dip, topping for potatoes, and more.  This seasoning packet is also an absolutely wonderful addition to the oven fried chicken recipe, for a little twist.  Plus, for the halal eaters out there there is NO GELATIN unlike so many other refrigerated dips and dressings.  Just make sure your sour cream is kosher or halal and it's a win-win my friends!

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